Q. What do I do if the head of my receiver locking pin is stuck on or the key won’t turn?
A. Use a penetrating oil (or penetrating fluid).  Apply it generously in the space between the head and the shaft of the pin as well as into the locking mechanism itself.  Let it sit for 5 minutes tap the head with the wooden handle of a hammer and re-apply penetrating oil and let sit for another 5 minutes.  This should solve the problem.

Q. How can I replace my keys or locks?
A. If it is a manufacturer’s defect we will replace it: call us for a Return Authorization number. If you need replacement or extra keys you can order them right here from the website. (Some exceptions to certain key numbers apply)

Q. Can we buy certain locks keyed alike?
A. Yes, in most circumstances, but there are certain locks we cannot key to other TRIMAX products. All of our locks are proprietary and keyed specifically for our line only.

Q. Where can I find my key code?
A. The key number is located on the key grip or on a metal tag connected to your key ring.

Q. Are there any other retailers in my area?
A. Yes please click on our Where to Buy link and select Retailers in the drop-down box, then look for the Retailer nearest  you.

Q. Does TRIMAX  ship International?
A. Yes, TRIMAX  ships to Canada and to your nearest port of call in the US.

Q. Expedited Shipping?
A. Yes, we ship overnight, 2nd Day, 3rd Day and UPS as well as FedEx and Priority Mail through the US Postal Service. Also for example, 2 day shipping means that it will get to you within 2 days after we have processed the order.

Q. Which receiver pin should I use for the size of my trailer in tow?
A. Call or email one of our sales associates for assistance or contact your nearest Dealer.