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BugZooka – Insect Collection & Control Device

  • One of The Most Innovative Home Products Ever!
  •  BugZooka Is The Weapon of Choice For The Kinder, Gentler Way to Win The War on Bugs.
  • It’s The Fast, Simple, Clean and Fun Way to Manage Your Bug Problem.
  • Instant, Powerful Suction
  • No Batteries Needed
  • No Toxic Chemicals
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6 reviews for Bugzooka

  1. Jorie

    A Terrific Product!

    I bought one of these, found it worked so well and SO easily, that I bought a couple more (Amazon) to give to friends. After about 10 months of use one side of the trap doors began to stick open so that bugs already caught fell out if the BugZooka was pointed downward. We tried to watch for that happening to fix it quickly but it began to happen more frequently. I contacted the seller (Wyers Products) and they graciously sent a new set of the trap doors–and they are working very well. They told me that they now use silicone for the trap doors and they don’t stick as readily.
    This is an ingenious product and has served us very well now, having been used dozens of times (maybe hundreds of times by now!). I haven’t tried it on large bugs but it works well for stink bugs and certainly cleaned up the infestation of ladybug-type insects we get during the winter months. We used to get so many of them every winter but this was the second winter we have used the BZ and this year we had relatively few bugs. I think that’s because we caught so many the first year that there were fewer left to breed–wherever it is they hide to hibernate.
    My husband and I are grateful to have this bug catcher and to Wyers Products for honoring their warranty even though it was close to the time of its expiry when I thought to contact them. Amazon still sells the Bug Zooka but the price is so high I doubt many will be sold. The price we paid seemed fair and I came back to the Wyers (Trimax) website to order another one for a Granddaughter. This is a GREAT product!

  2. tink


    I received a bugzooka as a gift over 12 years ago (and it finally broke last night) But I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve used it. It’s WONDERFUL. So wonderful, in fact, that I’ve given two of them as gifts to friends and family and they’ve told me they love it too. Thanks for making catching spiders so easy for me.

  3. kk


    My area has a problem with stink bugs. Your product makes removing these bugs so easy. Bugzooka allows the bugs to be removed before they can release their stink. Thank you for this product.

  4. Jorie

    A fantastic product!

    I bought one of these (the early product) and loved it so much I bought a second as a gift. Later, I wanted to buy a couple more but they were sold out. I believe there was some redesign of the tip of the wand, the “business end” to improve the way the little “flaps” worked. But I want to endorse this product enthusiastically. This thing works!!! We’ve had our own BugZooka for getting close to two years now and it has caught dozens, perhaps hundreds of bugs. Catching flies and other flying insects is a bit tricky but we’ve even done that. However, for the infestation of lady bug-like insects we get each year, for stink bugs, for spiders–for all sorts of small to medium-sized insects, this is one terrific tool! It’s so easy to use! It’s so easy to clean (empty). It’s always ready since it doesn’t need batteries or to be plugged in–so there’s no danger of needing it and it not being ready. The ingenious design means you can pick it up, compress the accordion-like “power” end, aim it at the bug, push the release button and ZAP! you’ve got it!
    In case someone reading this thinks I’m an employee or somehow related to this company, or have been paid for this review, I am NOT and I HAVE NOT been asked to do this.. I was looking for such a tool online, came across this, took a chance that it would work and it DOES!!

  5. Lily Quaye

    I purchased one over a year ago. It has been the best way to catch the bugs. You never have to touch them as it just sucks them right into the tube. The best thing about this product is just how easy it is to use and requires no electricity or batteries. So simple and it is so handy to have. This past year we have been inundated with the pesky Asian lady bugs (these ones bite) and this thing has been so good at catching all the stray ones throughout the house during the winter.months. I’m planning on purchasing a couple more to have one in our trailer and one on each floor of the house..

  6. Katie Ellery

    I got this for a gift for my birthday a couple weeks ago, found my first victim, an oriental cockroach. I grabbed my bugzooka and aimed and caught it!!! Couldnt believe it. Didnt think it would catch something so big. But was really impressed! Really happy with it.

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