Adjustable Wheel Lock

• Fits Nearly All 10″ – 18″ Wheels


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2 reviews for TWL100

  1. Jason

    Real life tested.

    My Ultra-Max Wheel Lock with disc cover has been tested and was a success! We have ours on our 24′ enclosed job trailer. Working in town someone decided they needed my trailer and hooked on to it one night. They either didn’t see the lock or thought they could break it off. The would be thieves made it about 12″ and lost some tread from there tires but did not get the trailer. I had close to $10,000 worth of equipment in the trailer. I am very impressed with how well my locked worked. Any lock that can stop a trailer that size has to be well made. Thank you for making such a great product.

  2. Happy customer of 3 years

    It took 3 years of abuse before breaking

    My boss bought one of these wheel boots about 3 years ago to make sure our 20 foot box trailer would stay where we put it. It has been outside, in the weather, every day. The trailer only gets moved about once a month, and that is the only time the boot comes off. Today I broke a weld on it, probably over tightening it onto the wheel. The broken weld is in a spot that I can’t really get to so it’s time to buy a new one. I actually thought it would be more expensive than it is. Well worth every penny.

    X. Satisfied customer

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